Let me introduce myself:

Hi, my Name is Sudipto Sen. The founder of StepstoBlog and a couple of other online Ventures. I’m an Affiliate marketer, a blogger and also a Student. Blogging is my passion; affiliate marketing, SEO, Scaling and promotion are the fields I’m highly compassionate about and have been working on. This is the platform where I share my own experiences and learnings.

So, what’s the Story behind?

I started my journey as a Content Writer, back in the end of 2016 when I was about to complete my High School.

I used to write content for Websites. I wrote 80+ Articles then, out of which almost 20+ are still active and receiving good traffic.

But, I couldn’t make it to the benchmark I aimed for, and the results were not satisfactory as well. Then, I decided to start my own blog and earn through Adsense. I purchased hosting & a domain and started my own blog, which wasn’t so difficult since I had previous knowledge on creating WordPress websites. I also used to build WordPress websites for Bloggers.

A year Passed by and since Adsense requires a descent amount of traffic to create some revenue, I didn’t make a single cent out of it. But, I didn’t stop. I tried different strategies to drive-in traffic, I also tried affiliate marketing. And finally, at the middle of 2018, I could see some money coming in.

Since then, I’ve taken numerous different courses and learned a lot from experimenting & implementing, I realised where was I going wrong, how the SEO of a site has to be done, how to drive targeted traffic and a lot of essentials.

Currently, I’m a student, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree with Physics major and could hardly manage my time to run two micro-niche websites, which are running successfully & generating some descent revenue. I have recently co-launched two websites, which are receiving some very good amount of monthly traffic as new sites and showing high future potentials. I am also working on an Authority Blog as a side hustle and plan to release it very soon.

What is Stepstoblog.com all about?

Stepstoblog.com aims at sharing my own experience and strategies about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, scaling your blog with SEO and also to helping beginners to get in this field & succeed. These are the strategies that I’ve learned throughout my journey so far, by experimenting with different tricks and techniques and taking numerous courses.

Today, content creation has much more opportunity than ever before, and blogging is not an exception.

But, “With opportunities, comes Competition!”

To stand out of the crowd & get ahead of your competition, along with being hardworking and consistent, you need the best tools and services. But choosing the best and the right ones among all the overwhelming options can be confusing and often a wrong judgement, especially when you are just starting out. But don’t worry we’ve got your back.

Here at Stepstoblog.com we are focused and driven to provide you with our best content. We are constantly working to test and review the latest & essential tools and services the market has to offer, so that you can just focus on growing.

Why did I start this blog?

Recently, I’ve been helping a lot of people setting up their blog and I found that most of them are facing the same problems that I faced when I first started out; they are making the same mistakes that I did.

So I decided to fill the gap & share my own experience and knowledge that I gained through making those mistakes myself and taking numerous courses online. This will help them stay away from those common mistakes and get ahead of their competition.

So, What are you waiting for? Get started now.

Wish you a great success on your blogging journey.

Sudipto Sen